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I need Help !!

asarie asarie (New) New

I'm graduating this year from high school and I'm planning to go to Humber college because i want to become a nurse. i want to get a bachelors degree in nursing... and i took all college courses in high school....so what steps should i take to become a BN or BsCn?

From your question I'm assuming your Canadian from Ontario? Correct me if I'm wrong. If I'm notwrong, I believe that many of the Ontario colleges have joint system with the Universities. I know UofT, MacMaster and I believe Queens have joint systems for their nursing programs with the local colleges. You should talk to a career counselor or call up the local universities. I know the UofT system, since I did my undergrad there, I believe you need 2 years of Undergrad credit and then you can apply. The average is usually a B+ but in recent years it more like an A-, so a 3.7. Goodluck.

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To be an RN in Ontario you must have your degree. So al programs will give you this.

The difference is some start in College, and then you move to a University after 2 years. Others are all university based.

From what I've seen, those that start in College and end in University offer more practicum, so you get more hands on experience. So that is what I recommend. I don't know what univertisy Humber is linked with. I'm sure if you contact the college, they can tell you more.

Note to my American Friends - Colleges and Universties provide different types of education, unlike the American program where the term is used interchangeably.