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Hi. I am a Sophomore in HS. and our civics class is doing a budget project. I am planning to become a nurse. I'm not sure exactly which kind but for the purpose of this project i'll just be a regular R.N.

I am looking to talk to anyone working in the Washington D.C. area. I am looking for salaries of nurses w/ 5 yrs. experience. Could you please reply as soon as possible. I have more questions that I would like to ask to anyone who replies..

Thank you very much.

(the project is due next friday so PLEASE hurry!!! )

Greetings Friend,

The going rate for a RN in Washington D.C. I would hazard to think is about the same as a RN anywhere else. It has variables like where they work ie for the goverment (Us Health Services)(Indian Health Services) or if they are a comissioned officer in the military. Then in the private sector the rate varies from whether you work for a teaching/University type hospital, rural hospital, Physicians office, or Home Health. Then there is the factor are they on staff at the hospital, work "per dieum" as a member of the hospital pool, what specialty area or "unit" and if they are from a staffing agency. I know your question has not been addressed yet, but those are factors you did not mention.

My response is this without knowing those particulars;

Assuming they work as a agency nurse who traveled to Washington D>C> on a 12 week contract. Typically they have one bedroom apt. paid for by the agency as part of the contract. The nurse is responsible for the utilities, cable, and telephone bills. The nurse usually has about a 2500 to 2000 sign on bonus at the conclusion of the contract, which covers traveling expenses. Their pay is usually about 20-30 dollars an hour! they usually work Med/Surg or in a specialty area like ICU, CCU, or OB/L&D.

I hope this helps, oh yea usually they have no other benefits like medical or dental until after they have worked for the agency x number of hours in a years time! A travel nurse usually has to have several years of experience under there belt before doing that type of nursing. Most travelers work alot of over time since they do not have the family with them and get paid so well!


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