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i am a registered nurse in the philippines and now i am in washington state for i am married to my husband who is an american. i already took and passed my cgfns exam but don't have my certification yet since i didn't have my english proficiency exam taken. i am planning to work as a cna here while working for my other requirements to get my license as a registered nurse. do i need to take license exam for cna? what are the requirements? looking forward for your response. thank you! :)


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That's really a question best answered by the state department that oversees CNA registration in Washington (in my state it's the Department of Health). You should figure out who that is and contact them with these questions.

You will almost certainly have to take a written and skills exam, but whether or not you need to take a CNA course+clinicals is up to the department. Some states allow the first year of a nursing program to be the equivalent of a CNA course, so someone who has completed their first year would be able to skip the course and just take the written and skills exam to get their CNA. I'm not sure if Washington allows this, or if they do if Washington would aknowledge an international nursing program as being equivalent.


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Thank you so much juliann! I will just do more inquiries with the health department here. I am just hoping I wont have to go through another course for CNA, anyway I appreciate your response. God bless you! :)