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A 20 year old man, a mechanic by profession came to the emergency department complaining of generalized body rigidity of two days duration. He has no Hx of fever, shortness of breath or cough.

On physical examination Vital signs are with in normal limit.

He is in opisthothonic position, he has torticolis and the deep tendon reflexes are exaggerated.

He is also found to have carpopedal spasm.

. What do you think has happened to this patient? What are the possible causes?

. What do you like to extract further to arrive at a relevant working diagnosis?

. What battery of tests would you like to run on this patient?

what is the outline possible lines of treatment.

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Generally we don't do people's homework for them, both because you won't learn anything that way and 'cos it violates Academic Honesty policies.

Instead, I'll ask - what do you think?

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