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I need help with a nursing research topic for my proposal

Mkam Mkam (New) New

Im struggling in finding a ropic for my nursing research proposal .. please any ideas are welcomed

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What semester are you? What has your instructor said is required for this assignment?

Thanks , third semester..its a research proposal pertaining to any nirsing problem and it should include literature review, sampling methods, methodology and data analysis. Was thinking of effects if low socioeconomic status on birth outcome. Or effect of low nursing stuff to patient care in nursing homes

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It's much easier to research and write about a topic that you're interested in. My suggestion would be to use a peer-reviewed database like Cochrane, Medline or Ebscohost. Type in a topic you're interested in and search for articles published within the past 5 years. Choose a topic that has a decent amount of results so that you'll have enough information for your paper.

To help you develop an effective question, try using the acronym PICO. It stands for:

P: Population (who are you researching)

I: Intervention (what action or change are you researching)

C: Comparison (what is current or an alternative practice)

O: Outcome (what effect does the intervention have)

I'll give you an example using the topic you suggested:

P: Low income women

I: Access to free prenatal care

C: no prenatal care

O: decrease premature births

For low income women, does access to free prenatal care result in fewer premature births compared to women who receive no prenatal care?


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