I need help looking for a job. :(


Hi all,

So basically, I want experience in the health care field. I currently work at a retail store where I do gait analysis and observe pressure points and gait type of the feet to fit customers in the right type of shoes...

but I want a bit more. I want the actual experience of working in a REAL healthcare environment.

I currently reside in the Bay Area. East Bay, to be precise.

Right now, I'm taking a medical terminology & a medical transcription class (taking 3 other classes too- Nutrition, Anthropology, and Econ). I finished all my pre-reqs for nursing, and am waiting for my acceptance/rejection letter the end of March. (I have a 3.9 pre-req GPA, and scored 97% for my Individual Score on the TEAS test).

I really do would love to volunteer at Sutter Health and what not.. but I'm really not able to because I need to stay with my current job to make money. I mean, with the economy falling down into bits and pieces, and all...

Sigh. I really would love a job in healthcare.. even if it's just an assisting type of job, I'll take it.

So any suggestions? :(

I really would love everyone's input. Thank you for taking the time to read.


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Where in the East Bay? What college are you at?

Check the websites of local hospitals, and check craigslist for non-hospital related healthcare. There are lots of assisted-living communities that hire people with little healthcare experience. Also, the economy sucks right now as I'm sure you know, and it's really hard to get ANY job right now.. I work at San Ramon Regional, and we have like 7 jobs posted, while we used to have 20-50 jobs posted normally.


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I'm in the Contra Costa district. The only school I'm applying for (for nursing) is Cal State East Bay. I currently go to LMC to finish up my GE.


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Hi! I don't know how much I can help you with, but I'm also in the East Bay and I've finished my pre-reqs as well. I thought it would be smart to get my foot into the healthcare field so what I did was talk to my Mom (she's a nurse manager for the entire east bay) and she spoke with some of her coworkers and they ALL said that the best thing to do was to enroll in a C.N.A. course and work as a CNA. So I did! I signed up at Nightingale Nursing and took a 6-week C.N.A. class and applied for a job at John Muir in Walnut Creek. They pay $18-20/hr and it's really a valuable experience all-in-all. Plus, my mom said that she always looks for prior CNA experience when hiring RNs and NPs! :)

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