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I have been accepted into two ADN programs and I am confused. The first nursing program that I was accepted into is an hour away from my home and I already stated that I would attend this school. I have already purchased books and uniforms, which I can return if I have to. I have heard great things about the first school. My biggest problems are that the drive to school and to clinicals will be so long. The other thing is that the school does not participate in Federal student loans, that means I have to get a private loan or figure out something by the time school starts. School actually starts in the Fall quarter (September). I will have to work while in school and I am still trying to find a job that will work with my schedule.

The second school that I was accepted into is located 20 minutes from my home. This will be the schools first ADN class of 30 students, which starts in January 2010. I applied to this school because they had a reputable LPN program and I heard that the Nursing Director who was at another school is excellent. This school participates in the federal loan programs and this will be very helpful. I will also have enough time to look for a new job and prepare for school. The clinical sites will also be closer to my home.

I am really confused....what would you do?:banghead:


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hmmm that is a hard one, but this is coming from someone who has to drive 45 minutes each way to school, I would go for the second choice. It will be easier to be closer to home, and easier to get financial aid.


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Thank you for your response.

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