I need your help.. (I'm an international student )


Hi, I am an international student here in the U.S.

I graduated University from China last year but major was not a Nursing.

I decided to be a nurse which is my ideal job now and forever!!

just started studying at C.C in San diego, CA from this Fall semester 2009

I'm planning to take Pre-requisites at C.C (I guess about for 2years)

and now I'm taking EsL and sociology currently. still have language problem...

My goal is being a RN in 5years in the U.S (hope go to school wherever is no waitlist)

I know it will depend on how make a good plan and keep doing well by myself.

But lately I'm in trouble with being confused of the process for choosing school and making up plan (period, tuition)

So I need your help, and ready to get any advice and your personal experience.

I appreciate it If anybody can give me an advice.

Thank you.

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Planning ahead is good but be aware retrogression may still be in force and you may not be able to stay once you have completed your training and if applicable done OPT.

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