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I need help. Desperately.

by Shanna3o Shanna3o (New) New

If there was one thing I learned this summer, it's that when it comes to nursing, never rush anything.

I made a mistake by taking Human Anatomy in the summer. At the time, I thought I needed to get it out of the way, but what I didn't realize was that things have a way of messing my plans up.

To make the long story short, I was left a huge responsibility and went through surgery that kept me from school for a whole week (equivalent to 2-3 weeks in a regular semester).

I am now struggling and certain that I will receive a low grade. The last date to drop has passed. Does anyone have any advice? I desperately need help.

well since you had to have surgery, there is something called medical leave of absence. they might let you drop even though it is after...

try talking to academic services, usually they handle that sort of stuff, or meet with a Dean or Advisor,

different schools have different methods

Seriously? I think you just saved my life. Thank you so much, kind stranger!

haha np, keep me updated! and good luck!

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You need proof of the surgery and how long you could not do anything. It is not something schools do just for the heck of it. And learn from this. Don't just walk in and start a sob story. You need to bring in the evidence. Letter from doctor or doctors. Paperwork from surgery...what type of surgery...why you could not do homework for weeks on end. A lap hernia surgery is not going to cut it. And I would say next time be more proactive. Good luck.

Yes, I will surely take your advice. Thank you so much for your help!