I need your assistance- TS/SCI Clearance Job


I am tired of travel staffing. I currently hold a TS/SCI clearance from my last assignment. I found a long term assignment in Chantilly VA (Multiple Openings) and wanted to see what you thought of the opportunity.

It is a position that provides Nursing / Medical Services in one of the Federal Agencies. The position is a long term 5 year opportunity. What salary range should I be looking at? Has anyone worked an opportunity like this? Any help or feedback is appreciated.


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Is this position with ICE?


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I don't know what the salary range would be, you could probably find a wage scale for that agency online, but urge you to consider taking this job if it involves maintaining your clearance. That entity alone opens up opportunities with the government that should not be discounted.


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This opportunity isn't with ICE. The job is a blend of management and nursing, so I haven't the slightest clue regarding salary. I know the benefits of traveling, I'm just unsure when it comes to a FTP.


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caliotter3, do you have a TS/SCI clearance? Are you in the space currently?