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I need an answer!

Alrighty. I actually need an answer here. I've been reading and reading and reading posts on here concerning TCN/ISU LPN to BSN program and I'm just super confused. I have been planning on going through with signing up for sure with TCN/ISU for the program because I just need to work full time right now and plan my wedding. However I DO NOT want to waste my money and add to my debt here! I understand that I am able to buy study guides off of ebay and what have you, but the thing that confuses me I guess is how do I go through with this program and not use TCN???? Do I call ISU directly and talk with them??? Aren't they just gonna tell me that I need to talk with a rep from TCN and sign up with them??? Someone also told me that TCN actually helps you out with money and that it's like 100 bucks a month??? Is that true?? Does that also include the guides? I know I should be asking this to a rep, however I fear I'd be given the run around and told many things to make me sign up with them. Also, if possible and I do have to call ISU to talk with them - can someone please leave me a phone number for them. When I do a search for them on the web I get thrown to the TCN page and I can't figure it out. I'd just like to know how do you get around TCN and still do the program all the way through. I doubt I have any courses I'd have to take because I have taken some RN classes at a college already.

God this probably is so confusing to read, but please give me some answeres and clairfy for me how to take the tests and such without actually signing up with a publishing company.


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Annie...Using TCN to obtain degree from ISU is completley optional! There are some wonderful things that TCN does, same as Chancellors, RUe, Etc. HOWEVER, these companies SELL you study guides and materials to prepare you for standardized tests (CLEP, DANTES, ECE) that ISU will accept as PREREQS, prior to starting the ISN program beit LVN to BSN or RN to BSN. TCN is authorized by ISU to sell this materials with their name, logo etc. TCN can actually speed things up for you in terms of acting as your agent and figuring out what courses you need and all. However, they DO cost a lot of money, as yes, they will finance it, but with interest. Keep in mind they are financing only the study guides, NOT the test exam fees, or tuition for ISU! It is possible to CLEP these tests using the recommended textbooks or buying used guides on the web such as ebay or Yahoo student forums. The study guides in my opinion are chancellors, TCN, Rue in that order, again, my opinion. Indiana state is a great program, but if you are a practicing LVN or LPN, be sure to check with your state board of nursing, as some states have not yet approved LVN to BSN through ISU. Texas in one of them I hear...not sure about it though. Look up ISU on webpage, go to department of nursing and call them for any questions. I hope this helps you out, this is a tough decision. Depending on the type of learner you are and your drive to find, scrounge books etc. will determine best course of action for you! I appreciate that there are companys like Chancellors and TCN that help us achieve a goal. Yes, they are expensive and maybe not even necessary...so it is up to you, do you want to spend that money or do the legwork yourself? Hang in there...talk to your spouse, family, etc. make a decision and never look back!

Best of luck.


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