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I was wondering if there was anyone out there who could give me some pointers on accelerated programs. There is this program that became accredited this year and it is 10 months long. The courses are taught over a period of 2 1/2 months each for one semester totaling 4 semesters. I know that it is going to be fast paced but what i am really wondering is what are they cutting out. Why are the average schools 2 years long and even they have a ton of information that need to be learned. I very interested in finishing early, but i'm a little skeptical about it all. This program is in New Orleans and i heard that it was modeled after a program in New York. Could anyone please comment on this topic.


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They don't cut anything out, I did an one (got pinned last night) and they just put everything in a shorter time frame. It is hard because you have all your community projects, clinical hours and your normal course content just in less time. The up side is when you are done you feel like it was worth it.

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What school is that program with in New Orleans?

I've been longingly looking at accelerated programs myself - I don't think I'd mind the excess stress/work for a brief period of time, to go ahead and finish college and have a degree... with 12-24 mos less time that I'd have to be out of work/out of pay.

I am a little worried about education quality and expense related to those programs, not to mention I live nowhere near any of them, and that I don't have a previous BA/BS (I've only found 2-3 programs that allow junior/senior level college students without a previous degree to apply).

Okay, I'm just rambling now. Sorry about that. :)


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This school is Our Lady of the Lake. The main campus is in Baton Rouge however, they have brought an accelerated program to New Orleans. There are stipulations though.... You must sign a contract to work for Tulane Hospital for two years because they will provide you with a stipend of 750.00 per month. This can be used towards tuition (7500.00 for the whole 10 months) or towards personal expenses (rent, food, etc.) That is the only way the program works. So, you are tied to them for the next two years. Also, you must have a Bachelors already. Are you in the New Orleans area?

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Originally posted by jemommy

Also, you must have a Bachelors already. Are you in the New Orleans area?

Thanks for the information.... And good luck to you, whatever you decide!

No, I'm actually from Mississippi! :)

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