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I am in my peds/ob rotation right now and currently I am having doubts about nursing. I have 2 semesters left and have made it this far so I know it would be a waste to throw it all away. I am a very sensitive person and have been having problems forming tough skin around personnel in the hospitals. I love working with kids because the environment seems to be completely different and the staff seems more positive. However, I hated my med/surg rotation and I know part of it was because I had terrible experiences. The nurses were all very rude and made the students feel like we were more in the way than anything. I feel like everytime I go into clinical some nurse, doctor, or teacher always yells at me and makes me feel like I am stupid. I'm afraid I won't find a nursing job that I love that is stress-free or at least a little bit. I have been doubting this for awhile, but I'm so lost and i know my family would be disappointed if i changed my major my senior year of college after all this work. I feel like I am not cut-out for this profession. Any words of wisdom or advice? I have been feeling this way for a long time and it seems everywhere I look more and more nurses hate their job. Is there any hope? I feel like I have to have tougher skin to work in this profession.


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I can't say I've been in your shoes. What I can tell you is that my cousin had the same problem. She went to NS and had 6mos left to go when she dropped out. She couldn't hack it. Didn't have that tough skin. That being said, only you can say for sure if you can cut it or not. For all those nurses that do hate their job, there are many more that love what they do. You can always finish and apply for jobs working with kids. School nurse. PICU. Children's Hosp. I, personally, wouldn't base my dropping out on how dr's, nurses, treated me as a student in clinical setting. You're not stupid! Look how far you've made it already and you're almost done! If you have a love for nursing...stay. The nursing field needs caring and compassionate nurses. Again, only you can decide what's right for you. Best of luck in your decision:hgu:


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I think you should finish. You do not have to work in a hospital setting once you have your degree and licence. You can go and work at a school and be a school nurse. Not so much stress there and you are with kids, you can go work in a ped clinic, you can do home health care for moms who just gave birth. There are so many opportunities out there so don't just get stuck in thinking that you have to work in a hospital setting. School is never what it is like in the real world because you have to have the basis for everything and in any job you are going to be dealing with people with bad attitudes. Hang in there, you always see what you are looking for so find something positive and hang on to that.

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