I need some ABSN Advice, Where should I go?!

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I have been accepted to Marymount University for the 2013 Accelerated BSN program that would start this fall. I have had a great experience with the application process, and everyone at this university has been extremely helpful. This university is also very close to home for me. The program is 4 semesters long, but it is private and expensive.

I have also been accepted to VCU's ABSN program that would start this May. This was my reach school and was originally wait listed but got an email today with an acceptance offer. They are much more affordable than Marymount, but I would be moving 2 hours away, and it is 5 semesters long.

I am very grateful to be accepted to both but I am torn. I think that if I went to VCU it would be a lot of change very quickly, and to be honest kind of lonely. It's not like this would be a brand new freshman year undergraduate experience. But at the same time it is higher ranked and I would qualify for in-sate tuition.

Marymount has been very pleasant to communicate with but I am just not sure about the education quality and the cost of attendance.

Any advice?!

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Moving to VA State Nursing Programs for a more targeted response. Best of luck whatever you decide!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Marymount and VCU! Both have great programs. I work in admissions at Marymount and wanted to provide some information to consider when making your decision.

Ranking considerations:

I'm not sure how VCU students score. But, our most recent first-time NCLEX pass rate for our 2nd Degree students was 97.1%. I believe this was the highest pass rate for VA schools, but am not 100% positive.

Price considerations:

Four semesters at MU would cost you about $50,000 in tuition. Five semesters at VCU would probably cost about $25,000 tuition. However, at VCU you would pay to live in Richmond which could cost $4,000-$5,000 a semester. You might be paying that to live near Marymount already. But, if not, its an important cost to consider. Also, graduating 4-5 months earlier will help you get into the workforce and earning a salary quicker.

Geographic connections:

If you are looking to work in the Northern Va. area after school, the contacts you make doing your clinicals locally during the program at MU could expedite finding a job in this area. Similarly, VCU's program would help you make contacts with potential employers in the Richmond area. This isn't to say you wouldn't be able to get a job in either area regardless of where you study. Clinicals are just an easy way to begin making connections at local hospitals/organizations.

I hope this helps you when making your decision! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

Enk205- Congrats on both!! I applied to Marymount as well and am waiting patiently!

ScottFuller-MU, I have a quick question if you have time to answer...I called today again to admissions and no one got back to me about my application status. I called 3 weeks ago and spoke to an advisor there and they said everything was in and Ill be in the first review. With that being said, my application still says incomplete online. Should I be worried at this point?

Enk205 - That's awesome that you have two great schools to choose from.... congratulations! If it weren't for the fact that I HAVE to remain in NoVA (bought a house 2 years ago...have a mortgage), I would've applied to other Virginia schools. But we have excellent options in this area. :up:

ScottFuller-MU - I have a question related to the review periods. I missed the 1st review due to recommendation letters; based on previous admissions cycles, how many applicants typical get accepted during the second review? I know it depends on the strength of the applicant pool... but I'm trying to relieve some of my anxiety and disappointment for not meeting the first deadline. :(

Hi, what did you decide on?


Can anybody give me how the schedule for the absn looks like? Thank you!

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