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I miss writing a lower secondary school in CGFNS

by Meana Meana (New) New Nurse

Hello guys

I've applied for a Credential Verification Service for New York State in CGFNS.(I'm a korean.) I submitted my signed notarized application about 4 days ago, and it's received in a website.
But I found something wrong after this, which is I only wrote about a higher secondary school, without writing about a lower secondary school.
Should I have to edit adding a lower secondary school, get notarized and send it again??? or is it okay?

Anyone who missed to write a lower secondary school like me?

hypnotizer90, BSN, RN

Specializes in Medical - Surgical/ General Surgery. Has 5 years experience.

Hey. I only added my secondary high school which I got my High School Diploma was needed on my application.

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