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I recently left L&D, mother baby unit this past January. I left because I was working on a small, horribly clickish, mismanaged unit. I was also being put on call reularly 2-3 shifts a pay period due to low census. I now work in the ED, but daily I think about L&D. I have to remind myself that I am where I need to be at this time.

Has anybody else ever left L&D for awhile and only to return later???


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Hi, Yes, I had to leave due to a move. I ended up with many opportunities that gave me wonderful skills. I ended up moving out of the country, getting a Master's, developed and ran a perinatal program. I taught breastfeeding and prepared child-birth, did home visits until the child was 1 year and participated in a research endeavor that focused on domestic violence. I learned how to give presentations to executives and that children of all ages love hugs.

When I went back to L&D, I found that my skills and understanding of families had deepened because I branched out of hospital nursing for a while.

Your experiences in ER have already improved and broadened your skills clinically and perceptually. It's okay to have a primary love in our profession but moving around a bit really does make a difference. ER does not have to be permanent. We have people coming and going... and returning.

Sometimes I have become so uncomfortable in a situation that it works as a strong prompt to grow a different way.

I try to always make moves that will create doors...while trying not to burn the proverbial bridge :). People that show broadened skills are more likely to be given more opportunities. You'll be less likely to hear... "you don't have experience in....." I'm not saying job hopping. Stay long enough to get off of probation....lol..

Have you thought about becoming SANE certified? "Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner." Some of our L&D nurses do this on the side. There is also antepartal home care and perhaps working with the perinatology or OB/GYN clinic. They love L&D RNs.

Staff dynamics can really be interesting. I am lucky in that area but.... we are women..! switch weekends? part-time? on call? different facility?

Last night we had a party for our charge RN... after 44 years of hosp. nursing she is retiring. She finished her career in L & D but also brought a depth of knowledge to us with her 10 years in psych, as a DON, intructor, and many other wonderful insights that helped strengthen me as "young" 20 year RN.

Keep going. I am sure you make a difference. Pregnant people scare even the best ER staff... at least that's the way they act where I work. :). Every blessing.

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Vernix, thank you so much for your reply. It is funny that you mentioned SANE nursing because I just reposded to a work email offering the course TODAY!!!

I Work in WNC and while there are several hospital that offer OB services I am too burned with small hospital dynamics to return OB. There is a larger facility 45mins away, but right now, I am 4.5miles from work. I am on day shift. I am thinking about picking up some PRN shift in the OB unit at our hospital. Its small, put the if I dont like it, I dont have to return.

OB is in my blood. Ever since I could remember it has been my passion


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Regarding OB being in your blood. Branch out it will strengthen your OB skills. Consider finding a high risk L&D. We do 300++ deliveries/mo. Our census has been down too with mandatory "cancels". We have also had lay-offs and "bumping". Union support has been important at our hospital with "these times"

Also consider getting your RNC. Mid-wife? MD? Women's health NP? Travel nursing? NICU? Just a thought. Take care and keep going. You make a difference.


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I, too, miss L&D. I was trained right after nursing school in a small hospital with 4 LDR's. My husband and I moved to another state and I immediately began working L&D in a teaching hospital. OMG! The manager told me I spent too much time with my patients and she wanted me to be at the nursing station watching the monitors. I never felt a bond with the other nurses. The only place I felt comfortable was in high-risk antepartum because it was smaller. After leaving that hospital, I found a position in a smaller hospital but I was only L&D nurse and if I had 2 patients and one was delivering and one was on Pitocin, I had to turn off the Pit, which I didn't think was fair to that patient. I won't work L&D again, but I do miss it terribly!!! Mother/Baby is where I am now.

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