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I might have a job lined up!

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I had my interview today for Postpartum. I interviewed with HR then with a day supervisor It wasn't that bad, I left feeling like I did okay. Then she told me that she would give my info to the night supervisor and have her call me and talk to me since I want to work nights and she likes to interview her own people for nights.

The night supervisor called me tonight. She said to call her as soon as I pass my boards and gave me her schedule for the end of August/early September so I can call and speak to her and gave me the cell she carries while there. Said that she would meet me then for 30 minutes or so, not an interview she said since day supervisor said I interviewed "really well and that says a lot." Whatever that means.

Anyway, she couldn't promise a position completely, but seems like I can probably have a job there when I pass my boards! She was even totally fine with me working only 2 12 hours shifts a week after orientation!

Benefits seem good and they will even reimburse for NCLEX! THat was surprising. Pay is about what it is at all the local hospitals, night diff is 15%. Sounds good to me.

I also got a call from a different hospitals Regional Recruiter today. I had put in an application at there since I hadn't heard from my 1st choice. Told her I had an interview scheduled for today and she asked me questions about where I want to work, etc. Said she would forward my info to the recruiter and they would call me. Can't hurt. Who knows what will happen since I don't officially have a job yet. I wanted to ask at the interview if I should keep looking or not. Would that be rude?

Anyway, I am excited. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to start working because I only want to work 2 days a week. I am feeling much better now. I should be able to take the boards late August or early September. I finish my 2 co-reqs next week. Already finished the nursing program.

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:) best of luck :)

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