I might have bombed my interview.


Hi, I fairly new to these boards, and have been looking around the OR boards, because I'm interested in working in the OR. Well, I had an interview today, and I don't think that I did so well. :smackingf I didn't ask a lot of questions, as they covered a lot during their description if the position and the orientation. I REALLY want this position, as it sounds like they have a great environment, and a really good orientation (the manager said close to a YEAR). I just don't think I portrayed my assets and interest in the OR very well. They also wanted to know what experience in the OR I have, I've only observed in clincals for school, and none of them were open heart, :heartbeat which is what I applied for. Oh well, I guess I'll keep you posted on the job hunt.

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Assuming you took business cards of the people you interviewed with, send them an e-mail today reiterating your interest in working for them and thanking them for their time. If you feel you missed anything really big in the interview, take this opportunity to briefly document what you wanted to say, but forgot.

It never hurts to thank people for their time, and it will give you an opportunity to open up a communication channel.

Good luck to you, and if this doesn't work out, keep trying. Perhaps if they don't think you are right for cardiology because of a lack of experience, pursue a position with them in their regular O.R., with the possibility that you might some day transfer to their cardiology team once you get some experience under your belt.


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Just to let you all know... I got the Job!!! Thank you for your support! I will be starting OR orientation Mar. 4th!! Yeah!!!!


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That was pretty quick reply! Good for you. What kind of interview questions were you given. I'm looking at changing specialties, so newby to seasoned...thanks for the info!


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I was given an interview with a group of 3 people in the OR. I was asked questions like Why do I want to work in the OR?, What is a typical day like where you work?, What are your positve attributes/negative attributes? Name a few adjectives that describe you. Have I ever been in the OR, and what surgeries did I see? There was also a lot of discussion about the job, what to expect during training and such.

Where do you work, and where are you looking to go?

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