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I have a Master's in Education..if I add R.N and exp could I go for Nurse Educator?

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Hi! My name is Lauri and I am thinking of pursuing an R.N degree. I have 10 years teaching experience and am interested in becoming a Nurse Educator. I have read the job descriptions and requirements for a Nurse Educator and am a bit confused. Does anyone know if I pursue this R.N and add on several years experience - could I meet the requirements to be a Nurse Educator because I already have an extensive teaching background?

Thank you for any responses!!



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Only nursing degrees count in nursing. It depends on what kind of educator you want to me. A hospitals in house education staff usaully don't have to have their masters degrees. if you want to teach nursing at a college you will need a MSN or higher.

I doubt it. Nursing educators are almost always NP's with numerous certifications, and have extensive experience working in nursing environments, both at the bedside and in leadership positions. Regardless of your teaching experiences, you wouldn't really be qualified to teach RN students if you only worked as an RN for a couple of years. You need a good amount of hands on experience in different patient care settings to offer an accurate view of what the Nursing field is about to students.