I would like to run a scenario by all of you.


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I work in a wound healing clinic as a Hyperbaric Safety Director/Wound Nurse. When I am running the hyperbaric chambers I am not allowed to leave the room as there are patients in the chambers.

Yesterday I did orientation with a new potential patient for hyperbaric wound therapy. When I was done I walked to the curtain that divides the hyperbaric room from the nurses' station and called out to the clinical manager who was sitting just a few feet away. I knew she was there because I heard her talking.

Anyway, she didn't answer so after a few seconds I called out to her again. She and the doctor came running like their butts were on fire thinking something was wrong. When they realized all I wanted was to have the CM take the patient to the business office for copies of her papers, I was lit into by the CM in front of the patient because apparently I "upset the whole clinic" and I "should've used the phone." If the CM hadn't been sitting a few feet away sure I would've used the phone, but she was sitting so close I barely had to raise my voice. She spoke to me like I was a five year old and the doctor completely ignored my apology.

First of all if something *was* wrong, I would not have called the CM, I would've called the doctor. Second of all if the CM had acknowledged me the first time I would not have called to her a second time. She knew I called to her the first time because she said I not only called once, but twice.

Did I do something so terrible? And to be hissed at and reprimanded in front of a patient? I have been there less than 3 months and have caught on very quickly, esp. considering I was out for two weeks with double pneumonia and bronchitis. I work independently and do not have to be spoonfed or babysat, and I ask questions when I'm not sure about something. I work very hard and never go home leaving anything undone. I jump everytime the CM says jump and I am willing to take criticism. I never hear "good job." I only hear what I'm doing wrong when I make a mistake.

I really like my job but the CM is very hard to please and micromanages the staff. I really need to figure out how to stop letting her get to me like she does.

Thanks for reading.

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My goodness... I wish I had advice for you but I'm afraid I don't.

I have the same problem dealing with people like that. It's why

I pretty much can only work night shift; so I don't have to deal

with managers and such. I realize that in your area, you probably

don't have that option.

Anyway, I feel for ya...


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I used to work nights and loved it, but like you said NurseCard, that's not an option for me. We work 8am-4:30pm Monday-Friday.

The job itself isn't so bad. I really like doing wound care and Hyperbaric Medicine is very interesting, plus the patients seem to like me. It's the Clinical Manager. She tells everyone that the clinic couldn't run without her and she has to go behind us and clean up our mess. The thing is, she wants everything done her way, but we don't all work the same way.

What's bad is some of the patients have complained about her. She has a tendency to talk over people and has very poor listening skills. When a patient tries to tell her something she starts talking about her husband, daughters and grandkids and they feel like she doesn't care what they have to say. Nobody can go to the Program Director because she "won't deal with those kind of problems." I honestly believe the Program Director is intimidated by the CM so just lets her get away with murder.