I knew it wasn't right while I was doing it...


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Paramedic LPN: When I worked in Texas I had a lot of paramedics working in my ED. They were able to do many tasks that they did in the field but they could not give any medications, start IV's or intubate patients. However, sometimes we had to do what we had to do. For example, once the ED physician was on the floor at a code and a patient came in the hospital by family in resp arrest. The paramedic on duty did the intubation and saved the patient. As the manager I got a little chat with the boss. Said we would never do it again but I can promise you that we would have done it again if we had no other option. Saving the patient was my first priority.



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In hospitals LPN can not take orders from the doctors. I did read an article where LPN can take orders from the doctor ony if it within their scope of practice, but since our LPN did not get an inservice on this they are not allowed to write any orders. In nursing homes and assist living, LPN can take orders.

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