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I just wanted to say...

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I passed my clinicals, and will soon sit for the state test. :D With any luck, I'll be hired right away, (can anyone tell me exactly how difficult it is to be hired as a STNA..?) and I couldn't be happier.

When I began as a nursing major at my college, I had no plans for working as a STNA. If you had asked me at the time, I would've said that STNAs do not hold up to the same level of respect as nurses. I figured you guys were just there to do all the dirty work. But, I was very, very wrong.

When I pictured STNAs, I suppose I pictured them in a busy hospital, sticking people on bed pans. I had yet to discover what we do in the environment of a LTCF. We are there to care for the people that cannot care for themselves, and that job is so incredibly important. When I tell people what I'm planning on doing soon, (working as a STNA, that is) my usual reaction from them is that of disgust....like, "why would you want to clean up someone's poop?" well, It's simple: they can't do it for themselves. I cannot express the ammount of compassion I feel for these people...if I can make their lives a little bit better just by cleaning them up and treating them with dignity and respect, then I would be honored to do so. I now have the utmost respect for aides wherever they work, but especially those working in the LTCF's. The last hurdle I have to jump is passing my state test, and once I do, I will be very proud to carry the title of STNA. :)

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You're going to do great! Congratulations!

I soooo wish I still had that attitude! Just a few months in and its drastically depleted. If it weren't for my faith and my new shift coworkers, I think it would be gone. For every resident that treats you well there are sooo many that won't. Even knowing they don't understand what they're doing doesn't always help. I get through my day only with the help of Jesus. I know on these boards I sound like anticna but I've been at it two months and have been dealt things I'm looking to forget once I finish my degree. I used to think I wanted to only work with the elderly. WRONG!

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