I just got hired in dialysis as an LPN!


So I have only been an LPN for a little over a year at an assisted living facilty which gives me little experience which has been okay with me as of lately because I have been dealing with a bit more anxiety then I am use to. I believe its due to being casual recently. I just got hired at the dialysis unit at my local hospital but I am SSOOOOO nervous! They were gracious enough to give me a 4 hour shadow shift which showed me a lot. It will be 6 weeks of training, 4 weeks in class, so it sounds like I will be prepared. But I am just wondering what I should expect in the long run and am I going to be competent enough since I've been exposed to different situations since I graduated? I am a very technical person so I think that will help.

Thanks in advance for the advice and comments!!


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wow that sounds very exciting!! i'm real happy for you...

i work with some rpn's in my unit and some stayed, some have moved on for f/t elsewhere or whatever reason, but i think if i was an rpn (i'm an rn) i would always try my best to stay in dialysis somehow, its a great area, very technical and requires skill, very good for the career and for you resume. congrats!


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What's the going rate for a LPN in dialysis?