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... which, I have to admit, wasn't my first choice (I'm more interested in oncology, but haven't heard anything regarding the job I applied for in several weeks so I'm moving on). However, I'm interested in this job as well. It's on a new, all-ortho floor (maybe some med/surg overflow as well, but no neuro) with an excellent reputation; it rarely has turnover/openings, which is a undoubtably a good sign.

The day ratio is at most 1:6; I haven't worked med/surg in a decade, since I was a new grad, and back then 1:8 was standard (I was on a cardiac stepdown unit and have to say I never handled that ratio well. There just wasn't enough time to get all the assessments, meds, txs, admits, discharges, etc. done without unintended OT.) Is 1:6 a reasonable ratio on an ortho floor with tech support?

A lot of things I hear about this floor are great - teamwork is encouraged, nurses are respected by physicians (imagine that ;)), learning is emphasized for both new and established nurses. The (male) manager also has a great rep.

I'm just concerned because I lack recent med/surg experience. Of course, I would get an orientation, which is now a standard 12 weeks at this hospitals for new grads and seasoned nurses as well.

How do you like your ortho jobs? What are the pros/cons? I would appreciate anything you can tell me.

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Hi, just checking to see how your orientation is going. I was wondering how you were doing with the 1:6 ratio. I currently am a Charge nurse on a 25 bed unit. 90% if the time I am a free charge nurse unless someone calls in sick and there is no one in the pool that can help.

Once you learn your doctors protocols and preferences you should fit right in to the groove with your 10 yrs experience.:nuke:

I really love ortho. I did ortho/neuro right out of school and then case mgt for 2 yrs. I have also travelled for several years. Some of my travel assignments were ortho.

I am very fortunate to work in an excellent facility. We are Magnet and have our disease specific certification from Joint Commission.

I am certified in Orthopaedics also. If there is anything I can help you with I will certainly try!


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I LOVE my floor, i got hired out of 3rd sem in nrsg school to work on this floor. the teamwork is amazing, someone always there to help when needed. most of the time the pt's are so willing to push forward and do PT and OT and everything its amazing. of course you get those falls and such, but those can be just as good. as for other things, you need to be a little more specific, and i can anwser. i would actually like to know what kinds of protocol you use for pain and such, just FMI.


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