I have an inerview tomorrow!!!!


A little bit of back ground on me. I used to be a medical assistant, mostly in peds or family practice. I graduated from an ADN program in June, took my NCLEX 5 days after gradution and passed at 258 questions (should have just given me the whole test :sstrs:). I would have gladly taken all 265.

In July I landed my first job at a LTCF. My grandmother worked there as a charge nurse for 18 years. She conacted the DNS and told her my situation. It just happened that they were looking for an on-call nurse. So I have worked there since July passing meds and working as charge nurse on all shifts.

Recentlly I have take an interest in hospice nursing. We have had a lot of people pass over the last few months. I guess before this we hadn't had a death in the entire retirement community in a LONG time. We have over 400 residents. Most of them are independent. Then we have assisted living, and ICF (which is where I work). It is a really great place. As residents health declines and their level of care increases they can move to the different areas of the facility. Anyways, a lot of our residents have been placed on hospice. I just loved taking care of the residents, making sure their pain is under controland that they are comfortable. And the families have been great.

So today, 8 months into my nursing practice, I received a phone call and set up a phone interview tomorrow. I can't be more excited and nervous at the same time. I am affraid I wont like it. But then affraid that I will LOVE it. I plan to continue working oncall at my current job. There is an opening in June or July there. So who knows what that will bring for me too. All of a sudden I have all these options. Its nice to have options.

Can anyone help me as to what questions they might ask me? Oh and of course wish me tons of luck!!!


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I'd ask these as a new nurse and new hospice RN.

What kind of mentoring process will be available for me being new to this speciality?

What is your standard case load per case manager? ( usual depending can be 12-18 depending on acuity, demographics and team structure.. lvn rn etc )

What are your requirements for on call?

Being new to hospice I'd like to know what kind of on going support and training is available.

Do you recognize Hospice or Palliative Care Certification as a speciality?

Specfically what would be my perspective territory? ( this one is often a bait and switch.. I was told once we had patients where I lived.. sure.. 38 miles away... I never had a patient in the same city where I lived.. the entire year i was there. tread here softly. )


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THey may ask you.

Why did you choose hospice?

Have you recently lost a loved one or family member ? ( this is a screening ?? often they will not hire anyone with a recent loss )

How would you handle a crisis that you may not of anticipated.

If a family member asked you to not tell their mom or dad ( patient) that they are dying.. what would your answer be?

What is your idea of a good death?

If a patient asked you about your own beleifs in life after death..what would you say??

How will you keep a balanced life? Stress from work etc.

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Thank you so much. I have gathered a list of questions and will add some of these to it also. I am going to narrow my list down to about 10. Don't want to overkill. I am really excited for this interview tomorrow.

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Good luck!