should I include this experience on resume


I did an OR certificate course in 1997. I worked in nursing since then. I worked in the OR from 1998-2005. Then I pursued other areas of nursing. I am thinking of getting back into OR nursing part time or prn.

I did have an OR job for 4 months, this was 3 years ago. It was a factory like place where we did 18 cases of cataracts a day. I hated it. I was getting depressed, at the same time, my mom was dying of cancer. She died, I never went back to that workplace. I just quit. Dealing with the grief of that, I couldn't force myself to work there anymore.

MY QUESTION: when applying for OR positions, am I better off to include or not include this short job?

On one hand, its more recent OR experience, on the other hand its short term and may not look good. Plus, then I may need to explain the situation and I don't know how to go about that.

ASSUME that this will not be found in an employment check, as they never do those where I live. That I am sure of.