I......I....I....I got a A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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:roll :D :p


I got a 95 on my test you guys!! I'm in my second year of nursing and this is my first A! I held high B's all last year and came so darn close to A's so many times but never got one! I am just so proud of myself right now Im beaming! My teacher told me my grade and I started stuttering trying to tell her its my first A and you know what she said? She said "Oh Nicole, you had an A before you even took this test, you're an excellent student." It feels so great to see your hard work pay off and I just wanted to share my extreme excitement with my friends that I feel so close with yet have never met! hehe! Thanks for letting me beam you guys!



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:cool::balloons: you go, nicole! :balloons: :cool:

i know that feeling so ENJOY IT! you deserve it!

congrats on your first A!



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:balloons: way to go, nicole!!! keep up the excellent work!!!:balloons:

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Awesome Nicole!!

Man, I bet it must have made you feel great when your teacher said those words!


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