I hate psych!!!!

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Oh my.

I had an A last quarter. If I pass at all this quarter it will be a miracle. These teachers are nuts NUTS I tell ya! I studied alot and walked into the test fairly confident I could pull off a B, (last test I got a 79, yikes) and I left wanting to throw up. I'd read the question, know an appropriate answer in my mind, and then the answers will be things I A) never considered B) Never heard before C) may as well be written in a different language.

I am being dead serious here. This test was absolutely horrid. My classmates and I are in a daze. We have no idea where they came up with these senerios and we all feel that we aren't at all prepared to answer the questions. I already know the drill... nursing school questions aren't knowledge, they are APPLIED knowledge, and CRITICAL thinking. Thats fine, I have survived almost a year and a half of this to be completley blindsided now. Last test, 75% of the class got below an 80%, we need a 75% to pass.

Man do I miss the days of diabetes and heart conditions.

Anyone else in psych now?


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Having the exact same problem here...but not in psych, in OB. The questions are poorly worded and vague. Some of the questions have either typos or wording that make NONE of the answers correct. Then there are those that focus on some obscure detail that the instructors are not even sure about. :rolleyes:

The problem seems to be that they are using computer based testing with questions written by the book publisher. The only response we got to complaints was that they are going to revise their testing method and choose a new book over the summer.....not sure how that is supposed to make US feel better!

I am basically learning not to bother studying for this, as no matter how much I study for this I do about the same. Questions seem to be either blatantly obvious or ridiculous....no happy medium. I just got home from taking our second test, and got almost the same grade I got on the first test, even though I studied probably three times as much....I'm doing OK, passing, but frustrated as heck by not getting any payback for all the study time!

I too miss the good ole' Med/Surg days of CHF and diabetes! Never thought I would say THAT! :chuckle

Hang in there! I feel your pain!

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