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how do I handle this


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I thought one of my duties and responsibilitys as a nurse practitioner was to look out for the safety of my patients. I had a parent file a formal complaint because when I saw the child mom stated she (the parent) was taking narcotic pain medication and the parent appeared to be unstable. I advised the mom to please call some one to drive her and the child home from the office. Evidently the mom started crying at the front deskl and stated that she was going to call and file a formal complaint and would never bring the child back to see me. So in the future should I just keep my mouth shut or say something.

And how would you have felt, if after your misgivings and not having said something, you later found out that the mother had caused a bad accident and her child was severely injured or worse? You did what was right. The mother's complaint was only made to deflect attention away from her own behavior.

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Based on what you described, you absolutely did the right thing! Caliotter answered well.

Consider, too, that if she was on narcs that can affect mood, inhibitions, etc. So maybe she didn't respond rationally for additional reasons.

Document that you advised her to get a ride home. Every pill bottle from the pharmacy has a printed warning. In ED we tell folks receiving narcs they need a ride home. This is all standard, rational safety precautions.


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Just because the mom didn't like the advice you gave her doesn't make it any less appropriate. You did the right thing!!


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thanks everyone my feelings are the same that I was only looking out in the best interest of my pt has any one else had a similar situation, I also had a grandmother come in 6 weeks after i saw her grandchild stating that I told the parents that the child needed to go the fat farm. I did refer the child who is 10 and 220 lbs to nutrition but i never said anything about a fat farm, evidently the 10 year old told the grandmother that is what i said

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You absolutely did the right thing, no boundaries were crossed - just make sure you documented all this! Remember, document, document, document!