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I Graduated Nursing School.


Hi all, Happy 4th!! Im so excited that I have found this site full of nurses, student nurses, and nurses getting ready to take the boards. Im graduated from my lpn program im May 2016 and I live in Mn. I'M scheduled to take the boards on July 21st at 1pm. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!♡♥ im so freaking nervous smh. Ive been using Kaplan to study but what books have any of you used?

I think you mean you graduated in May, 2014......guess you ARE nervous :)

Where you go to school

I hope she doesn't answer that. People provide WAY too much personal information on this site, then are shocked to find out that they didn't get the job they wanted or got fired because *someone* figured out what they'd been saying online. Posting photos (like the OP did) is also a big no-no.

Let's be careful out there, 'kay?

Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount.

Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount.

You thanked me for my concern about you posting too much personal information....and then proceeded to post MORE personal information?? Please, you are just asking for trouble.