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I just wanted to share with you that I got in to the nursing program for the fall at CGCC!!!!!!!! I am soooo exited :yeah:. Current CGCC students please let me know how you like the program and what should I expect.


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:yeah::yeah:Yeah!! I am starting CGCC in the fall also, I can't wait. As for the program, I don't have any info except for what was in our packet which wasn't much other that the schedule and list of books, health forms.


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Since I was notified today that I was placed on the program I do not have the schedule yet. Would you mind sharing that with me. The sooner I know the better because I have to arrange a babysitter for my two year old.

Also if there are more people out there that will be starting this August at CGCC we should get together before the program starts to get to know each other. I am so exited :jester: did you get the list of books and materials we are going to need?


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Congratulations Chechy.

Just wondered was it via Mercy Gilbert interview you had? or normal waitlist (MCC)?




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I am on the same page with you about arranging childcare, I have a 9 yo daughter, and school drop off and pick up will be a challenge some days.

Block 1 Schedule

Monday 8-10:30 Class

11-11:50 Class (this is an optional Math for Nursing class)

Tuesday 8-10:30 Class

11-11:50 Class (this is an optional Nursing Review-unsure what that exactly means)


Wednesday 8-1:50 Skills Lab

Thursday 8-1:50 Pharmacology Lab

Clinical Starting 10/14/2009-12/10/2009

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 6:30 am-3:00 pm

Hopefully, that helps get you started on your scheduling a babysitter.

In the packet there were the health forms which are available online on the main nursing site, just click current students and you will find them. Basically you need immunization records, or titers drawn, an updated tetnus, a copy of your fingerprint clearance card, and your CPR certification. There was also paperwork regarding the uniform and where to purchase. You can go to http://www.apparelprousa.com and there is a MCCD link. The letter did say that someone from this store will be at our orientation and we can purchase there if we want, otherwise the store is in Tempe.

As far as the book list, there are 10 required, a nursing tote bag with supplies ($58)-not sure what supplies are included in that-and 4 optional books. It is going to be an expensive couple of months. I am guessing that some of these books will take us through to the end (hopefully!!). FYI I priced the book list on Amazon, they had all but 1 listed and for the required books it was roughly $600.00.:eek:

That was really all that was included in the packet. Orientation is Aug. 20 at 9:00 am, there was no completion time listed, they said to bring a lunch though. Classes begin Aug. 24.

I am so excited to start, and would love to get together to meet sometime. If there are any other CGCC fall starters, feel free to join us.

TTYS, hope this all helps,



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so it is going to be 5 days a week!!! I thought they usually do 3 or 4 days a week. Wow this is going to cost me more than I thought. Thank you so much for the info. I need to ge my CPR ASAP and all the other stuff. Hopefully more people starting CGCC in the fall will join this thread and we can arrange a meeting. By the way one post was asking me if I got in through CHW and the answer is yes.


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Thanks for letting me know Chechy about CHW.


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