I got in...now what???

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I just found out that I was accepted to Samford University's

first CRNA class. I am very excited, yet VERY nervous.

Now that I have to quit my job, I really need some help in finding out how I am going to make ends meet? What do I need to do first and where do I look for financial aid for graduate students??

Any help will be greatly appreciated. School starts August 4!!



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I'm sooo jealous yet at the same time, I'm happy for you. I haven't applied for any schools yet, so I'm no help to you. I would like to pick your brain for a minute if you don't mind. I was wondering:

1. what kind of qualifications do you have?

2. Was this the first time you applied to schools?

3. How many schools did you apply to?

4. How long did it take for you to be notified you would be having an interveiw ?

5. How long did your interveiw take?

6.How long was it before you received word that you got in?

7. Who wrote your references?

8.What were your test scores (GRE)

Once again congratulations!!!!!





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I am quiting work in 4 weeks and have next to no savings. I am in the process of securing an educaton one loan for 30000 this is in addition to the 18.5 I plan to get on stafford. i researched several loans most have to be certified by the school which means you can't execute it untill you recive a finacial aid award letter from the fin aid office. the eduction one loan (while expensive) is money directly to me no questions asked and all payments are defered. go to educationone.com.

all payments are deffered and intrest rate are about 6 or 7 with a 9% orgination fee. true its costly but what else ya gonna do? besides I had planed on incurring great debt at the juncture anyway.



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Thanks for that information. I am just in a panic about securing my aid. So, I need to contact the fin. aid office at the school first to get the ball rolling?!



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Ursula, I've a been an RN for 7 years in a Trauma-Surgery ICU.

I have a BSN and also a BS in chemistry and paramedic of 8 years.

This is a new program for Samford. I applied to UAB 2 years ago and didn't get an interview. My references included a co-worker,

neurosurgeon, nurse manager and academic prof. My GRE was

450 verbal and 550 and 580 in the other categories. My application was complete March 31, interview letter came 4/16 and interviewed 5/14 and just got my letter of acceptance last week. I interviewed with 5 people lasting 2 hours total. Hope this answers your questions.


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As far as financial aid goes, have you filled out your FAFSA? That is the first step, you can get the form from the schools financial aid department or fill it out online. Once you have completed that(and the school receives it) they will be able to tell you what they can offer you. If you need supplementary loans, they can give you information for that.


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Talk to your fin. aid officer they should be ableto help you.


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Didn't any of your schools go over financial stuff with you in the interview process. All of the schools I interviewed at asked for a rough financial plan. I'm a bit suprised that with all the planning one does for admissions, few have done any planning for finances. Its like "OHMYGOD, I got in now what"?


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If your fill out FAFSA online you need the school's code in order for it to be processed! (found this out the hard way) So once again we are back at the school's financial aid officer.




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I am almost certain that some school codes are listed on the FAFSA website. I do not remeber having to ge my code from my school. I completed my FAFSA in April of this year.


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The school codes are available on the website.

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