I got a job!!!!

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I just want to put it out there how blessed I feel!!!

Let me start at the begining...

I got into nursing school after my first year of college. I got engaged to my high school sweatheart right before my 2nd semester started. Everyone was telling me what a big mistake I was making trying to get married right out of school. My date of graduation was May 11, and I got married May 23rd. I was told several times that I would never pass NCLEX by doing this. However, I am a very determined person, as is my husband, so I studied my buns off and I took NCLEX on June 24th. I had 75 questions and passed!!!! Then I was told that I wouldn't find a job, since I was trying to move and that no one in my area was hiring but I did it!!! I got a job at a WONDERFUL hospital in Durham NC on a Neuro Stepdown floor. I am so excited I don't know what to do!!!!

I just wanted to let EVERYONE know, don't let people get you down!!! I was told that I couldn't make it by my peers, teachers and even parents. So for anyone who is feeling down, or feeling like people you know have been telling you you can't do it, just remember that you CAN!!!! Don't let anyone get you down!! You can all do this!!

Congrats and good luck to any one who has taken or will be taking NCLEX!! You can do it!!:D


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Congratulations! I love it when people beat the odds! Thats why I am so successful today. I am a new grad and I was offered 3 jobs at three different hospitals. So that is defintely beating the odds. I live in NC too and work at Wakemed in Raleigh on a neuro floor. Good luck on your new job. Neuro is hard but you get tons of experience!

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I thought about going to work at Wakemed, but I chose Duke instead. I am actually moving to Raleigh in 6 days!!! I am super excited about Neuro, but I have heard a lot about how I will hate it! I think I will enjoy it. When I shadowed on the floor I really liked it.

Hope you like Neuro too!

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Yes determination is the key. I never listen to anyone, but myself. People said I was nuts, but I never let them put me down...

I was the President of my nursing class and I got married in the middle of nursing school. My husband is a Marine, and he was deployed in my last year of nursing school. It was tough, but I survived nursing school and graduated with a 3.1 GPA in December 2008. I took my NCLEX-RN in March 2009 and passed! I took my time studying because my husband was deployed again. I wasted no time looking for afterward. I finally got a new grad RN job in June 2009.

I am grateful and thank god and Buddha for his blessing and guidance! Good luck to you on your job. Let us know how your doing!

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