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I got in! I need study tips, please!

Good afternoon, everyone!

I got accepted into my school (University of South Carolina-Aiken) BSN program, and I am a nervous wreck. I have two months before I start but I want to pass all my test and I will need as many resources, study tips, and even websites that you can give to help me study. Thank you!

Amethya specializes in Cardiology, School Nursing, General.

ORGANIZATION! A good planner, sticky notes, loads of highlighters!

Take notes during lecture! That's the biggest thing in our program, if it's mentioned it's testable. Even if they don't go into detail, if they mention it, look it up and know it. Nursing school is also about knowing how to apply the material not just memorizing knowledge. That is hard for many people. You have to be able to break down exactly what the question is asking of you. Is it asking for the correct answer?, wrong answer?, is it SATA, is it a prioritization question, is it looking at the ABC's? You'll learn your own way to study for these tests honestly. Know the material and do as many practice NCLEX questions before the test as you can. There is an app called nclex mastery that is great. I suggest buying at least one nclex book early and more as you move through the program. I just purchased the new saunders and it's awesome. You'll be expected to participate in class so it's always good to know a little about the material before lecture even if it's just a skim of the chapter. There won't always be time to read ahead but if you have time, do it. It's important to know about the diseases but it's equally or more important to know what YOU would do if something happens. Yes, you need to know why it happened and about the disease process so you can educate your patient but many questions will fall on prioritizing what you'd do for the patient and what you can/can't delegate to an LPN or CNA. Good luck!


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