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I got an endocrine simulation coming up.. HELP

I hate simulations.. and this one just seems scary to me. I just know that i`m going to be picked to be primary nurse because that`s what ALWAYS happens!! lol. Please.. someone.. help a fellow nursing student out! All i know is that the dummy that we practice on has diabetes, cellulitis, alcoholism, smokes 2 packs a day, and had a left foot fracture that hasn`t healed from 5 years ago, and theres an open wound. there is chronic pain that i think will either be in remission or not, depending on what the instructors decide, he is homeless, estranged from family.. and also high BP. What things are a MUST with a patient like this.. so that i`m not just standing there looking like an idiot after i checked all the vital signs :(

Do an assessment and then start addressing problems in order of priority.

For diabetes make sure you assess for sensation. For alcoholism ask when the last drink was, how much they drink, etc. Keep fluid dynamics, electrolytes, and acid-base balance in mind.

You'll do fine.


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