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I got accepted from two nursing program, which should I go?

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I got acceptance letters from two colleges

1) Albany Technical college

2) Augusta Technical college

1) Albany technical college

-Receives ACEN accrediation( I can go any colleges for further education)

-52% completion program

-100% NCLEX pass rate

-3 hours away from my house

-5 semesters

- I have to pay international student fee for this school until I got my green card.

-no one I know

2)Augusta technical college

-Receive Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate, baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate degrees accreditation.( I can only go to regionally for further education)

-78% completion program

-94.45% for NCELX pass rate

- 2hours and half away from my house

- 4semesters

-I can pay out of state tuition( they said I can do this)

- I have a friend live near Augusta tech.

which school I should go?

my concern is if I go Augusta tech, am I able to work out side of GA? I can work at New York or any other state? do they hire me? or not I can go another college to study or not?

I have pretty good benefit If I go Augusta tech, and graduation rate is pretty higher than Albany tech. Tuition fee also cheaper than Albany tech.

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FutureNurseInfo has 1 years experience.

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You already know what to do: you answered your own questions.

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well i am sorry but i do not know what is right.. so i am asking for help :-)

i am doing research for this to make a right choice lol

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Hope, what did you make on the teas and your overall GPA?

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