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So I am a fairly new nurse working in a LTC/SNF facility. I was enjoying my job until my supervisors decided to switch my and another nurses schedule. In short, 2 nurses were told they needed to work a portion of their 12 hr shift in LTC on a different unit and the remaining of thier shift on the SNF side. One of the nurses quit and the other nurse Told the supervisors that it was too difficult to come in at the end of a 12hr shift and try to pick up everything. It was then that the supervisors told me that I was not ready to be on the SNF side..

Here is what I do not get. When I started on that side I was told by my supervisor that the nurse i worked with gave me high remarks. The nurse who replaced me struggles and frankly she is just a poor fit for that unit as she is set in her ways already and has a hard time adapting. When I come in to relieve her, the staff complains about her. I am not trying to knock her down though. She probably doesn't like the situation either. I just do not see how she is a better fit than I am.

The thing is, I feel like they are trying to just force me out. I cannot believe how immature these supervisors are to not confront me first about what I was doing wrong or try to help me inprove myself as a nurse. Is it easier to just dump someone out than to train them right and have them stay? Also I am the ONLY nurse at the facility doing this and I do not think its fair. When I leave LTC and go to the other side, I get the LTC nurses who replaced me always nagging me to do stuff for them. many times I feel like I have 60 patients and not 30. What should I do?

If you want to keep that job, I would suck it up for awhile but keep track of what is going on. When you have enough situations recorded and the timing is right, you should be able to go to TPTB and plead your case in the near future.

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Beware "childish" supervisors who are not up front with you. If you feel the table is tilting away from you, it probably is.

On the other hand, it does cost something like ten grand to train a new nurse, so a reasonable plea for remediation or clear communications might bring good results. Look at your work with a measure of honesty and be prepared to hear constructive suggestions, if your supervisors know what they are doing.

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