I get to apply this fall, should I take more classes or just work?

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I'm not sure what to do. In the spring I finished the last of my pre-requisites for community college programs (that seemed to go by faster than I thought it would!), and this fall I get to apply to programs. I don't really think I'll be getting much or any financial aid, and I want to be prepared when I get accepted (hopefully next spring...) Well I've signed up for some extra classes I'll need to get into Bachelor's programs, including the second Intro to Chem.

I'm not sure whether I should take these classes or just work. I don't work right now, and I don't have any money saved up. I can probably save a lot of money if I start working soon, and I don't really want to work and take Chemistry (and other classes totaling 14 units) at the same time. If I take the classes, but then get into a community college program anyway, I think I'll feel like I wasted that whole semester when I could have been saving up money. But if I don't get into any of the cc programs, I'll be able to apply to CSU or UC in the spring (not that I can afford to go).

Another thing that factors in is that I've gotten mostly A's in my classes, A's in all the sciences and only one B in one of the other pre-reqs. I know that really doesn't matter in most community college programs because its randomized, and it will really help if I try to get into CSU or UC, but then again I won't be able to afford going to those schools.

What are your thoughts? Should I take these classes or work? If I get into CSU or UC, do you think I will be able to pay for everything with student loans? TIA!

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