I am a foreign nurse, how can i prepare for the CRNE?


I am a foreigner I would like to try working in another country like canada. but i am wondering how and where to start for the CRNE? HOw about the testing centers for this examination? I need your advice. thanks a lot.....in advance..:cry:

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For a start you are not apply for CRNE but license to be a RN in Canada. Starting point would be the province where you want to work. Each province has their own requirements for foreign trained nurse so do a search for the province college (Canada's equivalent to board of nursing) Once you are given eligibility you then have to arrange to come to Canada to sit the exam. Only available 3 times a year in Canada. Much has already been written about the CRNE in both the Canadian and International forum as well as the process on applying to the province and sorting out a work permit. Please take the time to search for these threads and have a good read especially in the thread regarding working in Canada here in the International forum


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Thank u so much! God bless you always..... by the way I took up nursing in the philippines. I am currently working now in malaysia as a nurse lecturer.

thanks again:saint:

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