I am feeling the burden of not working as a R.N

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Today, I called HR and I ask them why I am not being considered for nursing positions because I have applied to every opening. The response to me was it is because I "have NO paid work experience as a registered nurse". How is this my fault. I am tired of the B.S. I keep it all in hoping that things will get better, but they have not. I am not sure what I am suppose to do. I feel as though I am begging for nursing job everyday. I always wanted be a nurse since I was kid. I volunteer in high school in the hospital. I worked hard everyday in college. I sacrificed time with my family and friends for nursing school. I am now being told I need working experience........... I almost forgot to mention the best part I was told to enroll in a R.N refresher class.............With what money ?????????? I feel like some nurses do not RECALL THAT THEY WERE NOVICES at one time or another. Just give us a chance .............please......:(

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I'm so sorry, I can feel the frustration coming through in your post.

How long have you been out of school? A refresher course sounds kind of drastic, unless it has been a couple of years or something.

I don't know where you live or if you would consider relocating, but there are a couple of hospitals in my area here in southeast Michigan that have been hiring new grads, or at least that's what I've been told. If you live in this area or are willing to move if offered a position, PM me and I can give you the names of the two hospitals that I am thinking of. If not, then I wish you well and sympathize with you. It's no fun not being able to find work!

I've been a RN x 30yrs. I've been without a job for a yr. every job these days require two yrs recent experience &/or specialty certifications for whatever ur applying for. The problem here is positions are filled in June & Dec. with new grads. HR stated all experienced nurses should be able to walk in off the street & go to work. That's in sane!!! Nursing is nursing, but each place has it's own policies & procedures, not to mention equipment ect. I was also told the criteria for each position is computer generated via hospital software & can't be altered, if ur application doesn't match all criteria it is rejected.& never seen by HR. This is all BS!!! Im not sure how to get it changed. It's frustrating to see tons of jobs available, apply, then have to deal with this. It has made me want to leave nursing! I have a 17 yr old daughter going away to nursing school in a yr. she wants to be a CRNA. I want to support her & rally her on. The reality of this profession is sad.

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Sorry for your frustrations. Unfortunately it is an employers market right now and there is a huge pool of nurses to choose from. There is very little incentive for hospitals to put out the money to hire and train a new grad RN. Sadly you are not alone. You will find so many stories like yours on this forum. :(

westieluv thank -u for replying:)...yes,i agree i am on the east coast and honestly.....i can not afford to move right now..........
darlie1009 thank -you for replying .....i agree....honestly is has turn into who you know ....as oppose to what you know........i thought it would be diffrent since u have experience....if your daughter want to become a nurse continue to encourage as you have done this far........just open her eyes to the reality of the profession......but this is the case with any job now at days....:(
not.done.yet thank-you for replying .....I agree with you it is an employer market right now. I know many of my friends are in the same boat right now ..........I wonder when things will get better?

Sorry to hear! And Darlie, I feel your pain. I have experience too, but it seems that the only jobs I am called back for are the areas I have worked in. I did just hear back from one from a different area than my background. So something went through! Good luck and I hope you get something soon!

Thank-you pbail for replying.....I am happy for you....I hope to get something soon....The moment I do I will let you know....until then please keep me in your prayer:)

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