I feel like an outcast with my coworkers

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Hi everyone, I am a new grad nurse on a telemetry unit, I have been there for 8 months now. The issue I have is that I have been feeling sort of like an "outcast" with my other nurse coworkers. They are mostly all older than me but not by a lot I am one of the youngest nurses there and I just feel like i can't really relate to them when they talk about their lives. They are a close knit group and good friends with each other that hang out a lot outside of work and I feel that plays a factor into them getting to really know me and it makes me sad because I get really quiet around them and I know they talk about how quiet I am when in reality I'm really not like that. It also makes it dificult for me to feel comfortable asking for help because they're all comfy with each other and I'm not. i see my other friends from nursing school made good friends with their coworkers and i really wish I had that . My coworkers are all nice people I just feel I'll never be close with them like that . I feel invisible at work basically . Any thoughts on this ? Thanks !

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Learn to make small talk with them. If they enjoy talking about: kids, sports, recipes, weather, electronics, etc; be well versed enough to converse without intruding.

Say, hi to everyone. Keep a smile on your face. You can do this!!!

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