I failed the teas test

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I feel like its the end of the world, I failed horriblely on the exam. I have only to more chances to take and pass otherwise I won't even be able to apply

Maybe...Try giving some of the other posts about TEAS testing a look. There are a lot of them that offer suggestions on exactly WHAT to study.

Sit down and write out the questions you can remember that gave you a hard time, and look up the answers.

Get the book from ATI and study that.

Now that you have a better idea what is acutally on the test, you now know what to study.

Review the printouts they gave you as and it will break down your individual scores in each area. Figure out the low ones, and study those areas.

And lastly, DONT get discouraged and count yourself out too soon. Try to look at this go around as a trial run, and use it as an opportunity to learn what you missed. I

have heard of folks taking the test a second or third time just to improve their score.

If you want it bad enough, you CAN do this! And you WILL do this!

Good Luck to you!!!


I also failed the first time my Teas test with an score of 31%, I cried for a whole day, it was for me the end of the world, I have the Ati Teas test study manual, I went thru all the topics in the book and seven days later I retook the Teas and got a score of 81.3%. :w00t:So if I was able to do it you can do it. I recommend you to study from the Ati book it would help a lot. My school only requires 60 so I'm starting the program next month. :nurse:

Good luck!!!!! :up:

Hello there,

Don't get discourage, hang in there is so much info to study for the TEAS and the science is so broad and not narrow down at all. I am a Grad student taking the TEAS because my programs require this versus the GRE? Look at the past post and drill in on those areas also I bought the practice test from TEAScentral.com - Your #1 source for passing the Test of Essential Academic Skills and they helped me by going over the topics over and over again until I got it. Human Anatomy questions were a breeze but it has been awhile for Biology concepts. They give you the correct answer and you can drill in on incorrect answers and see the variety of questions. I also studied the Secret of the TEAS there is a section in back of book I went and printed the TEAS cheatSheet! Good Luck!

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