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I Failed My Final Nursing Class

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I am very hurt.

I struggled to pass my final nursing class in the LPN program, Med Surg 2 and I flunked it by a few points. 

I didn't fail due to lack of effort, I failed because I couldn't adjust to my professor's way of putting forth tests. His tests were very broad in nature and that is what would throw me off each and every test.

At one point, the entire class was failing. Most people pulled through and found a strategy in order to be able to tattle his very broad tests. I never did and struggled until the very end.

I saw a gleam of hope because I was a 76.2 and the passing grade was a 77. I ended up failing the final and it put me back to a 73.2  

I feel so discouraged.

I am not young, I am 33 years old with a associates degree in biology.

I graduate much later and won't be able to take the next class until February. 

I don't even know what to do differently the 2nd time around. The professor's tests were all over the place. He never went over any of them and was always dismissive. 

The students that were passing, refused to share any study tactics that aided in their results.

I know passing is possible because other people have graduated.

I have months off and want to utilize my time wisely and come back stronger but I just don't know HOW. Not sure what to do at this point, as his tests are very seldolmy on the Chapters he assigns for reading and are covering a wide base of topics he refuses to disclose.

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According to the age you posted, I was considerably older than you when I (struggled) through nurse school. You've heard the expression "if you fall off the horse, just get back on again". Just hang in there. It's easier to continue on until completion than it is to stop school and try to start up again after a few years. 

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