I dont understand the toe pleat for bed making

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after reading the textbook and searching for videos on the internet i still cant figure out the toe pleat. can someone help me with the steps?

thought experiment time.

you are confined to bed. you have a wicked bad sore foot, from neuropathy, from ischemia, from a bad sprain, from gouty arthritis, from surgery... . your bedclothes are tucked in tight. why don't you like that?

does that help you understand the rationale and mechanism of a toe pleat?

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I don't think the OP is asking for the rationale for it. I think she is asking how to physically make a bed with a toe pleat.

yea im trying to figure out how to do the toe pleat.

:) @ GrnTea. I like the comment, "Why don't you like that?" Hehe!As a new nursing student myself, I find posts on this site extremely helpful...and amusing! :)

can someone help me?

are you just supposed to lift the sheet at the toes and then make a fold?

as a nurse i'm a big believer in whatever works. that would work. so long as it's decreasing the pressure on the feet, it works.

if you think they'll be testing you on a different method in skills lab, ask the skills lab instructor to show you what they want.

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