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I dont know where to start..feeling a little confused

Hello everyone, I will be finished with my lpn program at the end of May. My school requires you to pass the exit exam before you are allowed to sit for nclex. Their are two exit exams offered at my school. Which are ati 70 to pass and hesi 900 to pass. I wanted to start studying now for my exit, so hopefully I can pass on the first time. I have so many sources for studying I do not know where to begin. My study material includes: The saunders book(red) which includes online questions, Kaplan book, exam cram also came with a cd of 1000 practice questions, nclex 3000 and a hesi book also came with a cd as well. I don't know which book to read for content and where to

start practicing questions from. Somebody please help me in the right direction. Thank you in advance for your comment.

Also: I took a mock ati and received a 58 out 70. Which I thought was not too bad. Because I didn't even know we were going to be taking a practice ati. I had no time too study.

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I don't know about ATI or HESI but Kaplan is THE book to study if you want to pass NCLEX. The questions' format is very similar to NCLEX.

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Hesi Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN exam is THE BEST Hesi study book. I used it and received an excellent score.

I recommend exclusively studying that book for the exit exam. Do not rely too heavily on your other books because you will confuse yourself silly trying to study all of those at once. Just focus on the Hesi study book.

HESI's own book is where you need to study from for HESI. I'm a high B/low A student who usually doesn't struggle with tests, and I've never had to worry about passing a nursing semester. However, I can honestly say I would not have passed my exit HESI without studying the HESI book. It's a great review of the things you've learned all along in school. The questions on the CD are also excellent, and I know I remember seeing a few on the exit exam that were very similar to questions on the CD. Do them, write down any rationales you didn't know, and learn from them!

For studying from the book, I particularly focused on the Advanced Clinical Concepts, Med-Surg, and Psychiatric sections. Those HESI hints are invaluable! I ran out of time to study OB/Peds, but got most of those questions right because I've had those classes within the last year.

One thing: I'm sure you've heard how NCLEX is moving to only giving generic names. HESI's questions on the CD gave both, so I assumed HESI exit would give both. It did not, and I missed almost all of the med questions. After years of learning the trade names, this late-game shift really hurts >_<. be sure you have your pharm practiced.>


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