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I didnt get an acceptance letter

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My recruiter called me friday and stated i didnt get accepted d/t lack of communication. I thought my interview process went very well. He said i could re-apply in 6 months. I wasnt expecting to hear a rejection. I really dont know if i should re-apply. I wish i really knew the deciding factor(s)

congrats to all that received their acceptance letter

FarawaySoClose, BSN, DNP, RN

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Having recieved a similar message from my recruiter a few months ago, I can relate to what you've experienced. I hope that you are not taking this to personally (although it's difficult not to take any form of rejection personally); there has been a surge of applicants to all branches recently, presumably due to the state of the economy and the difficulty with finding work even as a nurse. My recruiter informed me that there were many experienced critical care nurses who applied for FY10 to the Navy and they took up many of the slots. So if your a recent graduate or if your experience is limited this may be the reason why you weren't selected, the military like many other potential employers has more options than usual right now. I say if this is something you're truly interested in pursuing then go for it, you have little to lose by reapplying and so much to gain. Certainly don't put all your eggs in the military basket but keep that option open, even if it takes a year or two the situation will turn around again. I know I'm planning on keeping my application in.

Thanks so much for the positive feedback:)

carolinapooh, BSN, RN

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Makes you wonder on whose end the lack of communication was....with the stuff people are being told lately by recruiters you can guess where my money is (and I'm like you - what the HECK does that mean, exactly?)....

I'm sorry to hear this. I know how much work and hope goes into and with that packet. Don't give up, though - hang in there. If it's military nursing you want, go talk to the Navy or the Army while you wait out the six month AF timeline. If it's the AF you're set on - don't give up, okay?

Hugs your way....:hug::hug::kiss:kiss

i must say.................my recruiter didnt give me the insite on anything. He told me i needed to know the core values 10 minutes prior to my interview. I had to go by his office several times bcz of lost paper work. I couldnt get my recruiter to take me to meps during my 3rd visit. I thought that was part of his job. He is retiriing this year. I kind of wonder if he really cared.

anyway, this is a lesson learned. I worked hard at accomplishing my 1.5 mile run. I have thought about the army, but prefer the af. Thanks so much for the encouragement bcz it really helps.

thanks and god bless


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