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I am a current ACNP student and wanted advice on what to study for boards

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I am a current NP student at Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Any advice you can give? I'm trying to find some books that are beneficial to studying for boards. Please help.


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Have you tried asking your teachers?

juan de la cruz, MSN, RN, NP

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ANCC has an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Review and Resource Manual currently on its first edition. You can purchase the book (around $120 to 130) and sign up for an online module which includes a practice test (additional $80 to 90).

Go to nursesbooks.org and search for the above title. This site is part of ANA which ANCC is a subsidiary of.

LaurieCRNP2002, MSN, RN, APRN

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I would recommend checking out the materials published by Tom Barkley. He has audio CDs and a manual and the material in his manual matches the exam content pretty closely. I took the exam in Dec 2011 so my memory is pretty fresh :). The website for Dr. Barkley's materials are below:


The cost is not cheap ($329.50) but as I said, his materials are very close to the exam content so it will be worth the money. Good luck! :yes:



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Well 1st we need to know which exam...family, acute, adult/gero and ANNC or ANCP.....most go with fitzgerald, barkley's cds are all so good...Leik's book is good, quick concise...but has a few mistakes....reasonable thou...PM me for more info