should I continue nursing school


Hello everyone!

Right now im 20 years old in an associates program and I'm in my 2nd semester out of 6. So far I've been doing well and I have my second exam tomorrow in which I haven't been quite motivated for.

I'm severely depressed which has made school more difficult, and I haven't been giving school my all. I feel incredibly guilty about this but I can't get myself to get my head in the game. I know nursing is hard.

Feelings of leaving school have been going through my mind just so that I can care for myself first but then I get so anxious of the future. What if I don't go back and what other job can keep me finically stable? I've been told that in life you need to find a passion and stick to it but I have to disagree.

We need to financially secure ourselves before anything. Has anyone gone through the same feelings? I just feel so stuck, it's got to the point can't sleep anymore at night, and I've developed feelings of hopelessness.

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Have you discussed these feelings with your primary care provider or a counselor? It's amazing how much doing so can help and also bring in other treatments. I will confess that prior to nursing school, I did not view depression and other mental health issues favorably. Now that I've had depression issues myself, sought therapy, and started taking an antidepressant that my outlook on life is much, much better. Not that I'm saying you need those things, but you should be evaluated.