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I have become unable to decide everything.

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I have 2 travel assignments right now.

One is in a clinic, the other a hospital.



1300 a month subsidy

80/day traveling

Travel distance: 1.5hrs

Different state, so taxes would be taken out by that state as well as my resident state.

they Would consider permanent offer, just not certain yet



travel distance: 10 miles.

Offered me to become permanent with them after my 13 weeks with them

my resident taxes only taken out.

My current need is financial. But my concern is how will being a clinic RN affect my hospital job search. Of couse I will be seeking Hospital work during all this, but if I end up staying with the clinic how would it affect my hospital exp. to which I have 1.8 years hospital exp.

The hospital is not guaranteed permanent, and Im concerned what if after 13 weeks, they don't consider permanent, and Im unemployed .

I don't know what is speaking to me more. any input please.

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