I applied online, now what?


I just applied to an acute care hospital for a part time temp position and now I'm wondering if I should call them back in a week to check on the status of my application? Visit them in person? I have a job but I always turned in applications in person when I went for CNA jobs so I got a chance to introduce myself and meet my actual employer. What is the next step I should take to show that I am really interested in this job? Should I just wait to see if they call me? I have never applied to a hospital before so I am unfamiliar with the process. Thanks:nurse:


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i would definitely follow up with an email or phone call. express how much you want to work there and ask for a chance to interview... tenacity and enthusiasm sometimes means more than actual job experience. show them you have a good head on your shoulders and that you're ready to learn and work hard. that's how i got my current job at a hospital (i had just passed the boards and had no prior CNA experience)! :)

good luck to you!